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At ASG Exclusive, we pride ourselves on finding the right type of accommodation for your trip.

We collaborate closely with hoteliers and the most prestigious hotels across the city, all so that we can offer you the best possible experience.

Every hotel that we work with offers personalised services, sumptuous decor and exceptional service.

Wherever you stay, with us, you’re sure to find luxury, calm and moments for quiet contemplation.


At ASG Exclusive, we look after your travel for the duration of your trip, from arrival to departure.


We organise airport transfers, and also make sure that you can discover Barcelona in style, whether you want to visit the sights or go shopping.

Avoid long queues for taxis or public transport and let yourself relax and be transported in style aboard one of our luxury private vehicles.

Our punctual and discrete transfer services are available for you whenever you need them.


Whether you want to reserve a special activity such as VIP tickets for an FC Barcelona match, find a unique location in which to host your event, or even just add some special touches and decoration to your hotel, we’re always available to help, whatever your needs.

Our ASG Exclusive Private Concierge service works with you to research, negotiate and organise all elements of your stay.

We work with selected and trusted providers to bring you exclusive offers and opportunities.

We guarantee you complete peace of mind, all you have to do is concentrate on enjoying your trip!