Asg Plus

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail."

Welcome to ASG Plus, on this page we will offer you "Details Plus" to integrate during your stay. In order to make your moments even more exceptional, we make it a point of honor to set up and fulfill all your wishes.


Bride Tribe

A stylish and trendy outfit

In collaboration with the sublime Duodem "Made in France" brand, you will wear a lovely T-shirt with a sweet message of love.


This minimalist and modern collection in organic cotton will be the essential element during your group photo shoot.


You will display the theme of the weekend perfectly and highlight the future bride thanks to the BRIDE or Bride-to-be T-shirt!



Surprise the bride upon your arrival

Let's plan together your arrival or your "Bridal Shower Party" thanks to our personalized Bachelorette setup and decorations.


Mark the blow and create a surprise effect during your stay, we will imagine the best scenarios to surprise your Bride-to-be and to meet all your expectations.


Arch of balloons, bouquet of balloons personalized with the bride's name, sweet table and special cake without forgetting the famous "after-party" Kit etc everything is possible!


My beautiful hat

The summer must have accesory

The 100% customizable smooth braided straw Capeline will perfectly accessorize your outfits and become the essential element of your Bachelorette party weekend!


You can choose the size of the hat, the writing style in rope or glitter and of course the logo that makes the difference (heart, ring, palm tree, flamingo, sun, cherry etc ...)